Our Philosophy

Advisory Approach

Our approach:

  • Macro level views are formulated at the Global Investment Committee
  • House views are formulated across various asset classes
  • Product ideation and selection is done at the Product Governance Framework
  • Existing investments are reviewed based on the current market outlook
  • Portfolio gaps are identified and product suitability checks are undertaken
  • Portfolio rebalancing is done based on the Investment Charter

Our Risk Management Framework

  • Counter-cyclical investment approach, seeking a margin of safety
    • Valuation at the Centre of Investment Strategy
    • Equal weightage to the fund manager’s skill and aligning the fund style/strategy with the market cycle
  • Institutional credit overlay
  • Portfolio analysis with drill down, till underlying security level
  • Fund selection based on the sustainability of an Alpha, rather than only a historical performance
  • Managing Concentration Risk
  • Focus on timely exits


  • Transparency in terms of advisory fees
  • Investments undertaken under the Direct Plan, only
  • Working by your side - offering a conflict free advice

Ongoing Portfolio Monitoring

Our team monitors your portfolio on an ongoing basis.

Market Assessment > Monthly Manager Analysis > Quarterly Performance Review > Annual Assessment.


What We Do Differently?

Our Investment Advisors are seasoned investment professionals, who are highly experienced in assisting HNI clients with their investments. This makes them uniquely positioned to give investment advice - they have seen enough market cycles to have a bird’s eye view of the investment scenario, both in India and globally.